About AAA

The AAA or All About Audiology blog is written by Jen Sen who practices audiology at Jensen Hearing, an audiology office in Melaka, Malaysia, that provides customized hearing solutions to all its clients using the latest techniques and technology available for hearing.

Jensen Hearing started offering speech therapy services in 2009.

We’ve added Cochlear Implants to our list as well in 2011.

This blog is catered for

  • Audiologists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Audiology Students
  • Speech Science Students
  • Parents of children who have hearing difficulties.
  • Professionals in related fields.

It would list and blog about news, events, technological advacement in hearing and speech sciences as the authors read about them in the journals, websites and listen about them in seminars and workshops relating to speech and hearing.
We like to thank the community at WordPress for their support for this blog. We are using version 2.0 the latest from WordPress.

UPDATE 1 July 2013 – The last statement that we are using 2.0 was written way back in time.

WordPress.Com is amazing as they take care of the updating of the CMS while we focus on content. So much so that I’ve lost track on which version this is. It doesn’t really matter because WordPress.com takes are of it. Yeah!

Thank you WordPress.Com!


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