Posted by: Jensen Hearing | August 30, 2016

10 misconceptions on hearing loss in students

NOTE: THESE ARE MISCONCEPTIONS so they are wrong assumptions yet people assume so.

  1. A child who responds to sound does not have a hearing loss.
  2. Having a late-diagnosed hearing loss is the same as being born with a hearing loss.
  3. Hearing aids and cochlear implants restore hearing to normal.
  4. With hearing aids or Cochlear Implants, children can usually hear everything that is said in class, and if they can’t hear something they will advise the teacher.
  5. Increasing the sound volume will enable a child with hearing loss to understand what is said.
  6. Children who wear hearing aids or a CI do not need an FM unit as well.
  7. A child who can understand what’s said in small group settings won’t have a problem watching a movie or video without captions.
  8. People with hearing loss are dumb, stupid, mute, have intellectual limitations, and are bound to be unsuccessful.
  9. Children with a hearing loss use American Sign Language (ASL).
  10. People with hearing loss cannot learn other languages.

Read the details over at Huffington Post.



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