Posted by: Jensen Hearing | October 9, 2014

Google Glass, CoG & Real Time Closed Captioning

Good news for the hearing impaired community!

CoG – Captioning On Glass is the app that uses Google glass to display the closed captioning service via the paired bluetooth smartphone. New app with promising and useful service. Captioning on Glass (CoG) provides real-time captioning, allowing the deaf and hard of hearing to converse with others. Your conversational partner speaks into the phone; your speach is nearly instantly converted to text and displayed on your Glass.


How to use.

Step 1 – Pair Google Glass with Android phone

Step 2 – Open the CoG app on the smartphone

Step 3 – Wake up Glass by saying “Ok Glass, Recognize this!”

Step 4 – Enjoy the captioning

Limitation so far – you need the speaker to speak into your phone because in a noisy party the “speech to text” service does not work too well.

Source: AND


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